• New from ACI: 1/6 Crusader Knight Templars

    ACI Toys 1/6 Crusader Knight Templars                             

    ACI24A   Knight Templar Brother                  
    ACI24B   Templar Knight Sub-field Marshal       
    ACI24C   Templar Knight Banner Holder      
    ACI24D   Templar Knight Sergeant Brother 

    Estimate Ship Date: 2nd QTR 2015

    Knight Templars Armors include:

    1.  Closed Helmet (Die-cast Metal) with movable visor
    2.  A pair of Medieval Knights Gauntlets (Plastic)
    3.  A pair of Vambrace (Die-cast Metal)
    4.  Chain mail Hauberk and Chain mail Coif (both made of plastic fabric, not real metal chain)
    5.  Chain Mail Chausses (Sock) (made of plastic fabric)
    Knight Templars Costume include (All with handmade worn effect):

    1.  Templar Knight Surcoat k
    2.  Templar Knight Cloak with Fur
    3.  Gambeson
    4.  Breeches
    5.  Handmade Fabric Boots
    Knight Templars Weapons include:

    1. Great Sword (Die-cast Metal) with scabbard and baldric
    2. Dagger (Die-cast Metal) and Sheath
    3. Available in ACI24A and ACI24D only:  Mace (Die-cast metal head, plastic handle)
    4. Available in ACI24B and ACI24C only:   Lance with banner (Die-cast Metal Lance tip)
    5. Shield with holding straps

    1.  Detailed Sculpted Head
    2.  Extra Fake Head, with Chain mail Coif (made of plastic fabric) fixed on the head, for wearing helmet
    3.  Body: Medium Built Body-Christian, New improved version, over 30 points of articulation
    4.  Gloved hand x 2 pairs ( Left Pointing, Right: Fist, Left and Right: Grabbing)
    More photo at:

  • Are you a serious collector looking to expand your collection?

    I get emails, comments and messages all the time through my website and social media channels from you lovely lot, and this one was a particularly interesting one when it turned up just before Christmas.  I had an enquiry from a gentleman named James who used to work for the good old manufacturer BBI back in the 1990's.  James has amassed quite a collection of some now very rare and unique pieces, all pretty much in A1 mint condition that he would like to sell on to a collector who will appreciate and care for this wonderful collection of some very fine examples of 1/6th of yesteryear.  This exciting collection features no fewer than 31 'Elite Force' figures, including some prototype and engineering examples, CY Girl figures, Die-Cast Weapons Sets, Fighter Jet Cockpits... you name it.

    The entire collection is conservatively valued at £3150, so James would be looking for offers in that region and wishes to sell the ENTIRE collection as one lot and not break it into individual figures.  Postage and packaging would be additional (would recommend using a courier for this lot!) and buyer can view and collect from his home, he lives near Lancashire.

    Now, I've included some pictures in 'catalogue' format below to show you the kind of items in question and an entire inventory in PDF format which can be downloaded here.

    Any interested parties should contact myself at and I'll pass your details onto James for him to discuss further.

    Please do also share this with anyone else in the collecting community who you feel may be interested.

  • Latest 1/6th 'Round-Up'

    So, we've not posted any news for a while, and I apologise for that but trying to maintain a website and social media presence (YouTube / Facebook) as well as actually enjoying the hobby is taking it's toll!   Anyway, we've missed posting some individual news items so here is a quick round-up on some of the latest 1/6th boxed figures to be announced and available for pre-order (mostly):

    Hot Toys - MMS276 'John Matrix' Commando

    This one came out of absolutely no-where, they hadn't even teased at this, and some times those releases are the best ones.  The ones that catch you in the morning on Facebook and you think 'what the hell, where did that come from?!' - yep, this is one of those.  Anticpated release date Oct 15, at the time of writing this is not yet available for pre-order, but expect that to change any day now.  With no ideas on pricing yet, I'm speculating aound £170 - £175 for the UK markets, but I could be wrong; here's hoping he's not any more than that!

    Soldier Story - Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK)

    Soldier Story continue there very popular line of 'special forces' figures from around the globe and different theatres of combat, although I have to admit, it would be nice to see just a plain and simple 'grunt' every now and again.  This one is from the German special forces units, in head to toe Flecktarn which personally I find a little uneasy on the eye and will be pass for me, although certainly some nice gear in the set.  This one is available for pre-order now at £109.99

    Hot Toys - MMS275 TDK Rises : Lt Gordon, Blake & Bat Signal

    No real surprises that Hot Toys was going to try and milk every last penny out of this film licence, and to be honest I don't blame them.  Certainly the Dark Knight 'completists' out there will be happy to see some further additions to the collection.  This one is available as a complete set, or with the bat signal and Blake, but unfortunately no bat signal and Gordon only option... I suspect to this end, we'll see a few loose 'Blake's on the eBay shortly.  This is available for the complete set at £309.99 or £209.99 for the Blake only set.

    ACE Workshop - LRRPs Vietnam : "Bulldozer"

    Ace Works have bought to us some really fantastic Vietnam figures, and about time as the 1/6th military community was crying out for some decent Nam gear, it's only a shame that like the other manufactuers they continue to focus on 'special forces' style and not your average infantryman.  A load of nice gear in this set and I can see the uniform and boots proving to be popular as loose items as they often are.  This one is currently priced at £124.99


    So, where can you get all of these lovely releases?  Well, with the exception of the 'Commando' figure which at the time of writing is not yet up for PO, all of the above are available for our UK/EU readers from


  • Hot Toys - Winter Soldier: Black Widow (a few shots...)

    I rarely buy any Hot Toys figures these days, only certain ones that particulary strike a chord with me, or are from all time favourite movies such as Terminator franchise, Robocop etc...   I am quite a fan of Scarlett Johansson however, so when the Winter Solder version of Black Widow was announced I simply had to have it!   Here are a few shots of that latest figure, along with a couple with her new best friend, Selina Kyle... enjoy! ;)

  • ACI TOYS 1/6 Knight Hospitaller Crusader (Item No. ACI23)

    ACI TOYS 1/6 Knight Hospitaller Crusader    (Item No. ACI23)

    Estimate Ship Date: 1st Quarter 2015

    1. Detailed Sculpted Head
    2. Extra Fake Head, with Chain mail Coif (made of plastic fabric) fixed on the head, for wearing helmet
    3. Body: Medium Built Body-Christian, New improved version, over 30 points of articulation
    4. Gloved hand x 2 pairs ( Left Pointing, Right: Fist, Left and Right: Grabbing)

    Knight Hospitaller Costume included:
    - Cushioned Cotton Cloth
    - Breeches and Chauses/Hosen
    - Hospitaller Surcoat
    - Hospitaller Cloak
    - Handmade Boots

    Knight Hospitaller Armor included:
    - Chain mail Hauberk and Chain mail Coif (both made of plastic fabric, not real metal chain)
    - Closed Helmet (Die-cast Metal)

    Knight Hospitaller Weapon included:
    - Great Sword (Die-cast Metal) with scabbard and baldrick
    - Dagger (Die-cast Metal) and Sheath
    - Lance with banner (Die-cast Metal Lance tip)
    - Shield

  • DAM Toys - Russian Airborne Troops 'VDV' In Crimea

    Those clever chaps at DAM have been at it again with yet another solid release of modern Russian forces, this once seen quite recently I'm sure on news reports, certainly an interesting a topical choice for 1/6th scale figure!

    MASK (BLK)
    BELT (OD)
    AK-74M MAG 6+1


  • VERYCOOL: Female Shooter VCF-2021A & B

    Well, it seems VERYCOOL are onto a winner at the moment with several great figures in the pipe-line and some of them about to be released very soon.  Just we thought it couldn't get any better, they announce two great new 'Female Shooter' sets, unlike the MC Toys sets, these are COMPLETE figures with body, fantastic headsculpt, weapons... the lot!    Check out these pictures and specs below:

    VCF-2021A: CP Camouflage
    VCF-2021B: Black

    -Female Rooted Hair Head Sculpt *1
    -VC Caucasian Skin Tone Large-Bust Female Body *1
    -T-Shirt *1
    -Bra-Top *1
    -Tactical Pants *1
    -Training Cap *1
    -Scarf *1
    -Belt *1
    -Pair of Military Boots * 1
    -Pistol holster *1
    -Frag Grenade *1
    -GP Pouch *1
    -Backpacks *1
    -Fist-aid Pouch *1
    -Watch *1
    -GPS *1
    -P226 Pistol *1
    -Pistol Mag *2
    -M4 Rifle (For VCF-2021A: CP Camouflage) *1
    -MK18 Rifle (For VCF-2021B: Black) *1
    -ACOG *1
    -M4 MAG *1
    -Frag Grenade *1
    -Gloved Hand: 3 pieces
    -Pair of Hair-Band * 1
    -Pair of Relaxed Hand Set * 1
    -Pair of Holding-Gun Hand Set * 1
    -Pair of Fist Hand Set * 1

  • Introducing MDrake Collectables Blog!

    We received an email from the owner of MDrake Collectables Blog, based in Brazil and published in Brazilian Portuguese, asking us to say a few words about their website...  Well, I'll let them tell you all about it in their own words (and in both languages too!)  

    Please do stop on by and have a look by clicking on the logo above!

    The newest brazilian blog of collectibles, here I will focus the 1:6 scale action figures and accessories, trying to keep the most updated content from brands and standalone manufacturers.

    I will try to share not only the previews but, soon, some video and photo reviews.

    Worldwide collectors will also be welcome to share your thoughts in our Facebook fan page.

    Have a seat and fun!

    (O mais novo blog de colecionáveis do Brasil, irei focar figuras e acessórios em escala 1:6, tentando sempre manter o conteúdo mais atualizado de fabricantes e criadores profissionais.

    Tentarei compartilhar não apenas previews mas, em breve, reviews and vídeo e foto.

    Colecionadores de todo o mundo, sejam bem vindo para compartilhar suas idéias em nossa fan page no Facebook.

    Sente-se e divirta-se!)

  • Hot Toys - MMS259 Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora

    I don't tend to post news articles about Hot Toys figures, because quite frankly they get enough attention as it is and you'd have to be living under a rock to miss these announcements... However, that being said, I think more recently HT has been releasing some excellent quality female figures, and this is quite simply one of the best they've done so far in my opinion.  The likeness to the actress Zoe Saldana is amazing, and although I have no interest in the movie myself, I can really appreciate the work that has gone into this.

    If this is 'your kinda thing', it's now up for pre-order and if you're based in the UK/EU, may I recommend my good friends at Collectable Kitbash - priced at £144.99 (exc shipping).

  • Competition - Win a Wild Toys M65 Jacket and Jeans Set!

    We've got three sets (Khaki, OD and Black) of the Wild Toys (ACI) M65 Jacket and Jeans sets to give away to you lucky lot!  These were kindly provided to us for review by ACI, and if you've not already checked it out, please do so below:

    This give-away is open to everyone to enter, all you need to do is drop us an email using the link provided or fill out our contact form.  We just need:

    Full name, town & country, and please state a colour preference (we'll try and accommodate if we can, however you may get any assigned colour).

    The closing date for this is :  Friday 15th August 20:00 (GMT)

    Winners will be announced on our website and facebook pages (including OSW and OSR forums) shortly after the closing date / time.

    (ONE entry per person please and only enter if this is an item you wish to use NOT to sell and profit from our generosity!)

    Thanks, and good luck!


  • VERYCOOL: 'Adam' and Medicated Psychopath 'James'

    VERYCOOL have announced this morning some very interesting looking figures indeed!   They seem to come from a computer game called 'Kane and Lynch: Dead Men' and have a certain 'DAM Spade' feel but without the cartoonish sculpts.   I think these will prove to be quite popular!

    Product Name: Mercenary – Adam
    Product Code: VCM3007

    -Head Sculpt *1
    -Body *1
    -Set of Suit *1
    -Shirt *1
    -Tie *1
    -Belt *1
    -A Pair of Shoes
    -Mask *1
    -Blood Stained Towel *1
    -Nasal Patch *1
    -AK-47 Submachine Gun *1
    -Gun Cartridge Clip *2
    -Weapon Kit *1
    -P226 Pistol *1
    -Pistol Cartridge Clip *3
    -M67 Frag Grenade *1
    -A Pair of Relax Hand
    -A Pair of Hold Gun Hand
    -A Pair of Grip Hand

    Product Name: 1/6 Medicated Psychopath – James
    Product Code: VCM-3008

    -Head Sculpt *1
    -Body *1
    -Set of Suit *1
    -Shirt *1
    -Tie *1
    -Belt *1
    -One Pair of Shoes
    -Mask *1
    -A Pair of Glasses
    -M870 Rifle *1
    -Bullet Holder + 6 Bullets
    -Revolver *1
    -Revolver Bullet *6
    -M67 Frag Grenade *1
    -Weapon Kit *1
    -A Pair of Relax Hand
    -A Pair of Hold Gun Hand
    -A Pair of Grip Hand

    More details and pictures on this thread:


  • DAM Toys - Marine Scout Sniper

    No full review on this for you I'm afraid, but here are a few pictures that I took to share with you all.  An excellent figure, and fantastic value too, you really do get a lot for your money and not all of it pictured here either.  I picked this one up from Collectable Kitbash for £99.99 (at the time of writing this, they still have stock!).

  • Just Sharing...

    I know I haven't published much on here recently, but with so much going on in 'the real world', my hobby has taken a bit of a back seat at the moment.  Had a few minutes last night to play around with some lighting and camera settings, and the chosen subject was Selena Kyle, one of the few HT figures I own.  Enjoy!

  • What have we been up to recently?

    Well, you may have noticed the website has been a little quiet on the news front?  That's because I've decided to a take a little break from trying to keep up with constantly churning out new reviews and update the front-page, whilst still enjoying my hobby. Don't worry, we're not going anywhere, just taking a well earned break!

    So, haven't quite got around to writing the 'written review' element of this figure, but in the meantime here is a YouTube video review of the Art Figures 'Biochemical Expert' (Nicholas Cage from 'The Rock').  Check it out, and don't forget to subscribe to the channel:

    Plus, we also did a litle did a little bit of a 'retro review' of an older Dragon figure, the WW2 German NCO 'Hans Leiter'... With a twist!  We took the existing figure and upgraded it somewhat with some careful weathering and a body/head swap-out, take a look and see if you like the results:

    Whats coming up in the near future?   Well, we've got planned a couple of video tutorials for head sculpt re-painting and one covering weathering techniques.  Stay tuned for those soon!

  • Why So Serious - Big Shipment Just In!

    Exciting news in from Why So Serious...

    We have a big delivery arriving tomorrow of the following items (pre-orders will be invoiced and items dispatched in the order they were received over the next few day):

    Medicom RAH – TIE Fighter Pilot MEDRAH452 (SOLD OUT)

    Hot Toys – M.O.S. Superman MMS200 (LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE)

    Hot Toys – Tony Stark (The Mechanic) MMS209 (LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE)

    Hot Toys – The Crow Eric Draven MMS210 (LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE)

    Hot Toys – ¼ Scale Iron Patriot Bust HTB12 (SOLD OUT)

    Hot Toys – Celtic Predator MMS221 (LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE)

    Hot Toys – Dynamic Figure Stand ACS001 (LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE)

    Sideshow Collectibles – Darth Vader (Deluxe) 100076 (LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE)

    We also have ONE EACH of these previously SOLD OUT items available:

    Blitzway – Scarface BW-1001

    Blitzway – Carlito’s Way BW-1002

    Jun Planning – Corpse Bride ‘Victoria’ Y-232

    Jun Planning – Corpse Bride ‘Emily’ Y-230

    Hot Toys – ¼ scale T-800 Endoskeleton QS002

    Hot Toys – ¼ scale Batman QS001

    And finally, an EXTREMELY RARE (one of only 100 worldwide!):

    Enterbay – Jet Li Fearless (Autograph Edition)


  • Toy Anxiety - Latest Break-Downs 13/04

    DID WWII German Sergeant Major Wolfram

    Phicen Red Fox In  Fire

    Veryhot CIA Version 1
    Veryhot Secret Service Emergency Response Team

  • BlackOps Toys - Latest Newsletter 13/04

    The good people at BlackOps toys have a new name for their newsletter, it's now called 'The Weekly Insider'.  Still the same great content and all important discount codes, and you can check out the latest edition of it here.

  • Wild Toys - M65 Jacket and Jeans Set

    New from Wild Toys, the M65 Jacket & Jeans set, three different designs all retailing for around $29.  Available to pre-order at most 1/6th retailers now!

    WT25A M65 Black Jacket & Dark Blue Jeans
    WT25B M65 Khaki Jacket & Black Jeans (Worn)
    WT25C M65 OD Jacket & Blue Jeans (Worn)

  • Toy Anxiety - Latest Break-Downs 1/4

    Soldier Story 82nd Airborne Normandy

    303 Toys Chinese Soldier Spear Kay Hoplite

    POP Toys Ninja Master

    ADDED 2/4:

    Coo Models Iron Island Jack-5

    Super Duck Men's Pajamas Set

  • Kit's Creations - An Introduction...

    This is just a little shout out to a good guy out there in the 1/6th community called Kit.  Some of you may have come across his eBay store (goes under the name of iviyyy) where you can find some real bargains, unique head sculpts and cheap figure bodies... along with boxed branded figures too.  Kit is an active member on the OSW forums and social media and is always happy to deal with you directly or via his eBay store (  He even has his own website too, everything on there is free shipping!

    Kit is thoroughly recommended if you're after a fast, friendly and reliable service!

  • Why So Serious - Jor-El In-Stock

    We've just had a little news snippet from our friends at Why So Serious:

    "We’ve had our final delivery of the Hot Toys – Jor-El MMS201 figure in. All the remaining pre-orders are being dispatched over the next couple of days. We still have a small amount available for immediate dispatch at £149.99 + shipping"

    You can check that out here:

  • Urban Samurai - Latest Newsletter 23/03

    The latest newsletter is out from the guys at Urban Samurai and as usual it details the latest pre-orders, in-stock and break-down parts.  You can check it out in full here.

  • BlackOps Toys - Latest Newsletter 23/03

    Here is the latest newsletter from BlackOps Toys with the usual goodies and that all important discount code for a whopping 25% off loose items.  Check it out in full here.

  • Toy Anxiety - Latest Updates 23/03

    Asmus Toys Lord of the Rings Gothmog

    DAM US Navy Seal Reconteam Leader

  • Green Wolf Gear - Vallon Mine Detector and IED Set

    If you're into your British Army 1/6th gears, then the clever chaps at Green Wolf Gear have come up with just the thing for you.  A true, accurate, 1/6th representation of the Vallon mine detector and IED set.  This one is due to be released soon so we'll update with prices and where to buy from when we have it.  We'll also be reviewing one of these sets hopefully so keep your eyes peeled for that!


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